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Friday 21st February 2020

Suffolk: Imaginative Traveller return as main sponsor

We are delighted to report that the Suffolk-based travel company, Imaginative Traveller are once again supporting Film Feast in 2020 as a Main Sponsor.

Films have the power to take you on a journey to any corner of the globe and escape reality for 90 minutes or more, but with Imaginative Traveller you can turn that dream into a reality.

Alex Downing of Imaginative Traveller said, “Imaginative Traveller is known for its innovative trips that truly inspire the imagination. With over 500 different tours travelling as part of a small group. There’s foodie adventures, cycling trips, walking and trekking, sailing and adventure cruising, safari and wildlife tours from Antarctica to Zanzibar!

Imaginative Traveller can also tailor make your holiday specifically for you, creating your very own personalised adventure of a lifetime . Imaginative Traveller are proud to be the main sponsor of Film Feast 2020”