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Wednesday 16th September – 8:00pm
The Riverside, Woodbridge

Cocktail (15) & Cocktails!

Director: Roger Donaldson – 1988 – 101mins
Starring: Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown, Elisabeth Shue
Film Feast presents COCKTAIL in collaboration with A Listers Bar.

Returning from his military service, young Brian Flanagan finds his hopes dashed when he tries to find a career bringing him power, excitement, and quick personal profit. He ends up as a bartender, but under the tutelage of seasoned pro Doug Coughlin, his flashy expertise and killer smile make him a star on the club circuit; soon he is swept up in a seductive world of easy money and sex in New York and Jamaica. Eventually, a spirited romance with Jordan Mooney helps bring perspective to the cocksure bartender’s life.

Cruise and Brown spent several weeks at a bartending school, and soon each was adept at the flashy tricks that were so impressive in the movie

8:00pm – A Listers Bartenders on The Riverside stage making cocktails for you to order!

8:45pm (ish!) – The Film


Film: Film Tickets: £7.00

or contact the box office on 01394 382174